Setouchi Kurashi Magazine Interview

Howdy! The Setouchi International Art Festival is just around the corner. It’s not only an event to promote international artists from all over the world, but it also showcases the Setouchi Inland Sea and its islands. I wrote about this in the book “my little Kagawa,” but it’s worth mentioning again here. The Seto Inland Sea has nearly 3,000 islands, and together with its islands and surrounding coastal region, was designated one of Japan’s first national parks in 1934.


The history, culture, and lifestyle associated with the Seto Inland Sea is unique, charming, and something you can’t find anywhere else in Japan. To promote and share this unique Japanese culture, there is also a magazine called Setouchi Kurashi (Setouchi Living). The nationally distributed magazine’s articles are dedicated to sharing various topics about the Setouchi way of life. In the edition on March 20th, you can see photos from “my little Kagawa,” as well as read an interview about the My Little Kagawa Project that we had at Kinco Guest House in Takamatsu.


It’s pretty exciting for us to get our first press interview, and we hope you can check it out.

You can also read more about Setouchi Kurashi here.




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