Jeremy moved to Kagawa in August 2006 and fell in love with Kagawa’s nature, udon, and art scene. It was a place where he felt inspired to pursue his dreams. The more he understood Japanese and the local dialect, the more he could interact and connect with local residents. It didn’t take long to realize he had stumbled upon one of the greatest places in the world.


Jeremy’s first visit to Japan was after completing his M.A. in mathematics at the University of Wisconsin in 2005. He visited some friends living in Tokyo and after that a friend of a friend living in Kagawa. His experience in Kagawa was so impressive that he decided to move back to Kagawa one year later as an ALT on the JET Programme. After three years as an ALT, Jeremy transferred to the International Affairs Division and worked as a Coordinator for International Relations (CIR). At that time he gained a deeper understanding of the history, culture, and language of Kagawa.


Feeling indebted for all the assistance and generous hospitality he received from everyone over the years, he wanted to do something for Kagawa to repay the favor. After meeting the pilot, Mr. Kimura, and seeing Kagawa from the sky, Jeremy decided a photo book with aerial shots of Kagawa would be a unique way to say thanks and a great way to share his experience in Kagawa with the world.


Jeremy currently manages and teaches at Step by Step ~ English for Life, an English conversation school he founded. There he not only enjoys teaching, but also incorporates his love of music, photography, and video production to make English educational songs and videos for kids. A-Go! Kids Rock is another project produced by Jeremy.

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