my little Kagawa

Jeremy Lanig was an American photographer living in Kagawa for 10 years, exploring and experiencing everything the prefecture had to offer. Yukihiro Kimura, born and raised in Kagawa, was a tax accountant with a passion for flying over the Seto Inland Sea in a Cessna. When they met, “my little Kagawa” was born. This hard bound book of high-quality aerial photos includes Kagawa’s most famous locations including Ritsurin Garden, Konpira Shrine, various buildings designed by world famous architect Tange Kenzo, the Great Seto Bridge, all of Kagawa’s islands which set the stage for the Setouchi International Art Festival and much more. This book is a must have for anyone who has ever experienced Kagawa or is curious to see a hidden treasure of Japan. 

“my little Kagawa”

Jeremy Lanig, Yukihiro Kimura


Publisher: Step by Step
First publishing: April 1, 2016

Hardcover with dust jacket

Offset, color
82 pages
23 cm × 23 cm




Where to purchase “my little Kagawa”

“my little Kagawa” will be available for purchase on this site. To also encourage people to check out more cool places in Kagawa, however, the book is being sold at various locations around Kagawa at a lower price. Be sure to check out the link of partner locations. Who knows, you might find your new favorite cafe, guesthouse, or English school.

“my little Kagawa” is best enjoyed with Sanuki Udon!

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